John Bosco
Feast Day: 31 January
Patron Saint of editors and publishers, school children, magicians and juvenile delinquents

St John Bosco (1815-88), also known as Don Bosco, was an Italian priest and educator in the 19th century. He founded the Salesian Society, dedicated to educating and supporting disadvantaged youth and offering education and vocational training to young people in need. Don Bosco developed a unique approach, emphasizing a caring and preventive atmosphere to help disadvantaged young people grow morally, intellectually, and spiritually.

Don Bosco’s legacy continues to inspire educators and caregivers worldwide to provide love, education, and support to young people, especially those facing challenges.

Buried in Turin, Italy, Don Bosco was canonized in 1934. He is the patron of educators and youth and his feast (31 January) is included in the calendars of both the Roman Church and the Church of England.

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