Philip the Apostle
Feast Day: 3 May
Patron Saint of hatters, pastry chefs

Philip was one of Christ’s original twelve apostles, and was present at key biblical events including the feeding of the 5000. Following the events of Pentecost (Acts 1:12-14), there is little concrete knowledge of his activities. It is probable that he preached in Phyrgia and died in the ancient city of Hierapolis, the ruins of which lie in modern-day Turkey. In art, Philip is traditionally depicted as elderly and bearded; he holds either a basket of loaves or the cross used to martyr him.

Tradition suggest that Philip’s relics were translated to Rome and placed in the basilica of the Twelve Apostles. His feast day is celebrated alongside that of St James, following Jerome, on 1 May. The Roman Church transferred the date to 11 May in 1955 and then to 3 May in 1969. The Church of England retains 1 May; Eastern churches opt for 14 November.

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